Prison Ministry

Matthew 25:36 – ” I was in prison and you visited Me”

Brotherhood Chapters throughout the country have been providing ministries to men in Prison for more than 20 years.

Brotherhood Chapters are involved in bible study inside the prisons, providing re-entry services and participating in the

KAIROS spiritual retreats to some of the most difficult and hardened criminals in the criminal justice system. The results

have been nothing short of a miracle, mens lives have been changed, and the prison systems themselves have been changed.

The data is clear, the mens lives have been changed and the recidivism rate in the prisons has been dramatically reduced.

Restorative Justice Sunday

Restorative Justice Sunday in the Christian world is typically celebrated on Christ the King Sunday.

At least 21 nations issue proclamations designating the Sunday before Advent each year as a time to educate and advocate processes which bring healing and restoration of healthy relationships following acts of wrongdoing.  Crime itself is viewed as an offense against others which requires “making things right” by the perpetrator. The victim, the community, and the offender are brought together in a process to restore human relations to a healthy state. Accountability is achieved by bringing these groups together to work out appropriate action by the perpetrator designed to make things right for the victim and community. Strong evidence shows that restorative rather than traditional retributive processes bring permanent positive change in human behavior. Clergy and/or lay persons are urged to preach on restorative justice on this Sunday each year.

Restorative Justice Sunday Scriptures are: Jeremiah 23:1-6, Canticle 4 (or 16); Colossians 1:11-20; and, Luke 23:33-43. The Collect of the Day is about restoration; the Old Testament “justice;” Canticle 4, peace; Canticle 16, mercy, forgiveness and compassion; the Epistle, forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation; and, the Gospel, repentance and acceptance. As Jesus says to the thief on the cross with him, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.”  These key words are the heart of God’s Justice also known as Restorative Justice.

Brothers, be encouraged to bring this concept of Restorative Justice to your clergy and urge them to preach on it, or volunteer to teach on it in Sunday School or preach on it yourselves. (Yes, laymen can do that with clergy approval).

Ed Davis, VP of Restorative Justice

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