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Veteran Friendly Congregations

The Brotherhood of St Andrew would like to encourage all congregations to sign up to be a part of the new Veteran Friendly Congregation Initiative.

Here are some ways you and your congregation can reach out to our veterans. 

For further information connect to the new Military Chaplains web site   

American troops returning from foreign tours of duty have returned to a country largely unprepared to meet their needs. In 2008, in recognition of this crisis, a committee was formed at The Episcopal Church of St Peter and St Paul in Marietta, GA to study the problem. Very soon, it was realized that there were no organizations that were grassroots, community-focused groups working with veterans in their communities. This led them to create an organization named Care For The Troops. This small group of volunteers, all veterans themselves, began to recruit other congregations to join a network called Veteran Friendly Congregations (VFC’s) throughout the country.

The VFC network has now grown to over 200 member congregations, comprised of many faiths, although Episcopal congregations make up the majority. Since 2015, the Brotherhood of St Andrew has been partnered with the Military Chaplains Association in this effort.


Promote Veteran Friendly Congregations in Brotherhood chapters in   order to assist our returning veterans with their needs on a local level.


Expand our ministry to all faith-based congregations so that no service member is without the local support they need and deserve.


  • Create at least one VFC parish in every diocese in the Episcopal and Anglican Church in the USA.
  • If not already, establish a Brotherhood chapter in these parishes.
  • Teach and inspire these member congregations to recruit their neighbor congregations to join the network.

There are many good nation-wide organizations doing good work for veterans. This grassroots, faith-based organization focuses in the communities in which they live and serve God. Join us, post your good news on our site to inspire congregations in your neighborhood and all over the country.

Resources for Veteran Friendly Congregations

Click here to see an online list of colleges for veterans

Webinar from the 2021 Triennial Convention

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