To inspire, empower
and equip men to fulfill the Great Commission

The Brotherhood endeavors to accomplish this mission through the threefold disciplines of Prayer, Study and Service.

A Welcoming Community For All Men

Welcome to the Brotherhood

Welcome to the Brotherhood of St Andrew. Our goal is to bring Christ to men and youth throughout God’s kingdom. We address our mission by practicing the tenets of our disciplines of Daily Prayer, Regular Scripture Study, and Service to others.

We are a national men’s ministry focusing on our mission and our discipline as we lead like the apostle Andrew.

What We Do

Our Areas of Focus


To pray daily for the spread of Christ’s kingdom, especially among men and youth, and for God’s blessings upon the labors of the Brotherhood.

We recognize that prayer is foundational to faith. As members, we commit ourselves to the discipline of incorporating prayer into our daily lives. Every one of our meetings and gatherings has a time for prayer.


To study the Holy Scriptures regularly and the teachings of the Church, to attain a better understanding of how to follow Christ and bring others into his kingdom.

Typically lay-lead, our Scripture study leads us deeper into our faith journey.


To make continuous efforts, week by week, to bring others nearer to Christ through his Church.

What an example by St. Andrew, the first apostle called, who dropped everything and without hesitation followed Christ and brought his own brother with him. And Christ vowed to teach them and the other disciples how to be “fishers of men”!

“I found the Brotherhood to be a caring organization with Prayer and Study at the head of the organization.  The Brotherhood gives me a chance to express my Prayer and Scripture Study and nobody judges me.”

R Brown

All Saints Desert – AZ

Join the Brotherhood Today

Join The Brotherhood of St. Andrew for prayer, study, and service. The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is an international ministry of men within the Anglican Communion with the commission of spreading Christ’s kingdom among men and youth.

The Mission of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew has been bringing men and youth to Jesus Christ since its founding in 1883. Today, the Brotherhood is a worldwide ministry with chapters in Africa, Japan, the Philippines, Great Britain, Canada, Haiti, and the United States. The Brotherhood in fulfilling its mission does so by following the three key disciplines of prayer, study, and service.

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