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Discipline of Prayer

To pray daily for the spread of Christ’s kingdom, especially among men and youth, and for God’s blessings upon the labors of the Brotherhood.

Feast of St. Andrew

St. Andrew’s Day is marked by celebrations by chapters throughout the world.

St. Andrew, eventually crucified upside down, is the patron saint of fishermen and his feast day is most often remembered in fishing villages, especially in Scotland. Germany and Austria have their own traditions and folklore surrounding St Andrews Day, or Andreasnacht as it is known to locals.

chapel of saint andrew

The Chapel of St. Andrew, located in downtown Chicago at the site of the founding of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.

In some years, St. Andrew’s feast day coincides with the start of Advent.

St. Andrew is also the patron saint of unmarried women, so Andreasnacht is regarded as a particularly auspicious occasion for girls and young women to perform various folkloric rituals designed to reveal the identity of future husbands.

St. Andrew’s Day, however, is best known as a celebration of Scottish culture. Since 2006, it has been officially recognized as a national holiday in Scotland, with events such as celebratory St. Andrew Feast dinners happening around the nation, and is marked around the world by many St. Andrew’s Societies from the Americas to the Far East composed of Scottish expatriates, descendants of the Scots diaspora, and others who simply have an interest in all things Scottish.

The town of St. Andrews celebrates its patron in style with the weeklong St. Andrew’s Festival, incorporating music, arts, dance, and drama – even on the famous Old Course which is properly known as the birthplace of golf. It may be strange to Americans, but the Old Course in St. Andrew (as well as its accompanying four other courses) is actually one big city park, closed to golf on Sundays so townspeople can have picnics – and St. Andrew’s Feast Day celebrations.

Chapters often celebrate with St. Andrew’s Feast meals — the main course should be fish and perhaps include some Scottish traditions.

It’s a good day to invite other men and youth into the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.

You may recite the prayers of St. Andrew, reflecting on how he lived his life, the first-called apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer resources

The Daily Office

The Daily Office is an ancient way to pray. There are many ways to pray, including your own cries to God of joy and sorrow and need. Such prayers are intensely personal, while the Office gathers up all our prayers so that we can pray together.

Brotherhood Prayer Line: 502-450-5809

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“Concerning the Service
The devotion known as the Way of the Cross is an adaptation to local usage of a custom widely observed by pilgrims to Jerusalem: the offering of prayer at a series of places in that city traditionally associated with our Lord’s passion and death. The number of stations, which at first varied widely, finally became fixed at fourteen. Of these traditional stations, eight are based directly on events recorded in the Gospels, with the remaining six based on inferences from the Gospel account or from pious legend.

In 1991, Pope John Paul II inaugurated a new set of fourteen stations, based strictly on events in the Gospels. The following form uses the same scriptural events, adding versicles drawn from scripture and collects drawn from The Book of Common Prayer, previous editions of The Book of Occasional Services, and new compositions.

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